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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Today Is America Recycles Day !

Closing the Loop and Finishing the Cycle

Do you recycle?
Did you know that last year only 25% of the plastic in the United States was recycled? We know, that figure is shocking, and very expensive. Public agencies in California alone spend $300 Million in coastal litter clean up per year. This year we will add 14 BILLION pounds of trash to the ocean. We can do better!
Every ton of plastic we recycle saves:
-5774 KWH of electricity
-685 gallons of oil
-98 million BTU's of energy
-30 cubic yards of landfill

What can you do?
1. Get reusable shopping bags and use them.
Help ban single use plastic bags. We all shared our favorite reusable bags with you so you could see there is no 'right' one except for the one you will use.
2. Stop drinking bottled waters. Get a water filter for you home.
3. Avoid overly packaged products, especially food.

So you are already doing all of those things... fabulous. Are you closing the loop? Look for and buy products that are made from materials that are renewable, recyclable and recycled. The higher the recycled content the better, if it is post consumer, even better. What kind of products? First think practical and everyday, copier paper, almost all paper products. Then think big, and even high style like investment pieces like furniture and carpet or if you are remodeling, drywall and decking materials. If you don't see it at you favorite retailer, ask for it. Vote for recycling with your wallet.

Here are a couple of examples of of high design with great style, from two very sustainable companies and there is nothing 'crunchy' about either one.

Loll outdoor furniture made from recycled plastic milk jugs.

Flor carpet tiles, not only made from renewable recyclable and recycled materials,you can return them to the company and they will recycle them.

So remember when you recycle, close the loop and finish the cycle. Help create a demand for recycled products. WE can do better!

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