A Sustainable Kitchen brings people together to learn, share, innovate and discuss sustainable strategies for everyday life. Welcome to the table!

About A.S.K.

ASK Contributing Editors & Partner Chef at Surfas Test Kitchen
Setting the Table 
You can look forward to a note from us in your Inbox every Tuesday & Thursday (and sometime a bonus on Friday if you ask nicely). It could be an interview with one of our favorite architects, it could be an invitation to taste the work of a favorite local chef, it could be a review of a farmer's market with a recipe to try at home. We promise it will be thought-provoking, satisfying, and fun. 

The mission of our blog is to connect people globally and inspire action locally. Our goal is to create dialogue surrounding important issues in sustainability. This blog is a place for architects, farmers, chefs, community groups, schools, and anyone with an interest in sustainability to meet for collaborative, accessible, holistic, and necessary conversation. 

Whenever we do an event, someone always asks, "So where is your kitchen?" We always explain it's not that kind of a kitchen, it's not an actual place. It's more of an idea, a metaphor. But we are a place, really many places, a school, a business, the internet, a neighborhood, a kitchen table, any place people come together to learn, share and discuss sustainable strategies. Whether it's what we build, what we eat, how we use resources or how we deal with what we already have, it's all about creating solutions on a community level and sharing what we've learned. 

When we started two years ago, we could not imagine we would be where we are today. For us it was all an experiment. We wanted to see what we could do with only volunteers, very little, well really no money, and a lot of ideas. We made mistakes, learned a lot and met so many great people. Now we want to share what we have learned and introduce you to the people we have met. If we can do it, so can you and probably way better.

More than anything, we want you to take what you find and learn here and use it and, most importantly, share it. Not just what you find here, but share what you have already learned, sustainable strategies you have tried, and people you have met.

So welcome to the table. We are so pleased that you found us.

Special Thanks to Jennifer Kolansky 
Thanks to Jennifer Kolansky, owner and creative director of Kolansky Design, for her support of A Sustainable Kitchen. Her work on brand development, including the logo and tagline for A Sustainable Kitchen, plus guidance on messaging in branding and promotional materials, helped set the stage for our success: http://kolansky.com

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