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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

G2 Gallery Gives Thanks & Gives Back

G2 is an nature and wildlife photography gallery that husband and wife team Dan & Susan founded in 2008. A tight-knit, dedicated staff and an ever growing roster of artists that range from emerging photographers to legends like Ansel Adams.

The G2 Gallery specializes in nature and wildlife photography and all of our exhibits have conservation themes. Their mission is to bring awareness to critical issues affecting the environment through the works of artists who both inform and inspire.

With each new exhibit G2 partners with a different organization that is working on a cause related to the theme of the show.  They donate the proceeds from art sales to these causes.

There's really no place quite like The G2 Gallery.  There are other photography galleries, but not one whose mission is to expose and promote the beauty of the Earth.  G2 wanted to give people the opportunity to see these magnificent places and creatures so that they might feel compelled to act.

The biggest challenge in the gallery has been lighting.  They've solved this by replacing the bulbs with LEDs that have drastically cut energy consumption. I'd recommend the switch whether you're running a small business or just in your own home.

A chat with Susan...

How did you get involved in sustainability?

Growing up in rural Ontario, Canada, I developed a strong bond with nature and a deep love of the outdoors.  In Los Angeles, there is a wealth of nature readily available if you chose to engage with it. Living in Franklin Canyon, I had an opportunity to create a native plant garden which also attracts wildlife. After years of working on it, I have one of the most mature native plant gardens in the area and have received the distinction of being a  National Wildlife Federation Certified Backyard Habitat. I've recently joined the President's Council of National Wildlife Federation and serve on the Board of Directors for both Audubon California and the Friends of Ballona Wetlands.    

What is your favorite everyday sustainable living strategy?

By taking care of the wildlife that come through my garden I feel good about helping to restore habitat in my residential community.

How does the local food movement affect your community?

By hosting a CSA at The G2 Gallery we hope to help a much larger global community by reducing our carbon footprint. We share the goals of CSAs across the country providing sustainably harvested organic fruits and vegetables at the height of the season. 

Who is your Sustainable Superhero?

I'm motivated and inspired by so many it would be hard to name one. The young who are just entering the field filled with enthusiasm for making a difference, those who have been working in the field on a day to day basis and those who take their hard earned dollars and support the work that so many are doing.

What will you be doing in 5 years?

In five years we'll be about to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of The G2 Gallery!

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