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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Special Farmers Market Report


Wednesday was not just a regular Farmers Market day in Santa Monica, it was also Halloween and the day before Dia De Los Muertos. And we can report, both were well celebrated.

The Walking "Bread" were manning the Red Bread booth where they were actually selling "Brain" cookies and they were making a "killing".

Meanwhile, that infamous British hard rock band, "Trevor and His Cousin Alex" were rocking the Weiser Family Farm booth.

Lady Laura of Bubble Wrap (Laura Avery, SMFM manager, and yes it was all bubble wrap) was in attendance to oversee the entire affair.

Windrose was getting ready for Dia de los Muertos with a chili pepper alter.

And Catrinas (Jody from SMFM) was there to make sure all the preparations were complete.

We hope you have celebrated well too!

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