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Thursday, August 16, 2012

The BEST (and Vegan) Cupcake on the Planet

I can't pass up a booth at the Maui Swap Meet that says "Best Cupcakes Ever". I'm skeptical. They're vegan? How can this be?
It's the triple-dog-dare of cupcakery. Then you meet Amy Alexander and you understand. You don't need dairy when you have coconut, guava, and macadamias. Pure, organic, and local.

The Cantalope Honey Macnut (pictured right) made me a believer. A vegan cupcake could be the best cupcake ever. Visit Amy next time you are at the swap meet and she'll brighten up your day. If you are on the mainland then at least you can check out more pics on her facebook page.

Here are some favorite quotes from Amy:

Me: If I came to your home and looked in the refrigerator what would I find? 
Amy: Sriracha and at least ten kinds of jam

Me: What is your first thought after you learn you have won the lottery? 
Amy: Are there any private islands available?

Me: What is the best thing since sliced bread? 
Amy: Nut butters and those jams that I hoard on it

Me: Tell me about a recent travel experience. What do you always make sure to pack? 
Amy: We flew into Denver with no itinerary and drove to Mt. Rushmore, saw Crazy Horse monument, over to Cody and through Yellowstone then down to Durango and Mesa Verde and back up to Denver.  After four years on an island it's really nice to take a big roadtrip. I always take my chuck taylors.

Me: If you could end one forever, would you end climate change or world hunger ? 
Amy: I like the saying "Take care of the planet and it'll take care of us".
Me: Totally agree !

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