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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Introducing Contributing Editor Annette Eason, C.S.B.A.: It's In The Bag

Meet A.S.K.'s Founder Annette Eason, C.S.B.A.

Annette Eason is the principal of EASONDESIGNGROUP, a sustainably focussed design collaborative located in Venice, CA that specializes in remodeling and
renovation for both residential and commerical spaces. EASONDESIGNGROUP is constantly striving to expand the role of sustainability in all aspects of design.  Annette is the first designer in California to be certified as a Sustainable Building Advisor. She is also a former chef who owned her own restaurant and is a sustainable food advocate. Annette is the founder of A Sustainable Kitchen, although she still prefers instigator.

It's In The Bag, Annette's Choices:  
I am the acknowledged design geek/nerd in the group so my choices have some serious hurdles to jump. I am also that person whose reusable bag was always in the wrong place. If I was at the store, the bag was in the dryer at home, or if I was at the farmers market, it was in the car five blocks away. Yes, I was one of them, I freely admit it.
What I needed was a bag that I could always have in my bag, something compact, strong, that had a good capacity and that looked good. My choice for the last 6 or 7 years, the Baggu Bag.                   
Why Baggu? It folds up into a little flat pouch and I always have at least three with me. It's strong and made of nylon so it's light and washes and dries in a flash. It has the capacity of two normal grocery bags and it comes in a great assortment of patterns and colors. People are always asking me about them when they see them. There are a couple of cons. For one, they are made in China. Also, they are completely unstructured so they can fold-up. One real plus is when they have come to their end of usefulness, you can return them to Baggu for recycling and they give you a small credit towards a new bag. Baggu Bags are $7.50-9.00, depending on how many you buy. Find them at baggubag.com and various retail outlets.Because the Baggu Bag is so unstructured (and I am such a design geek/nerd) I have been looking for more structured bag for real heavy duty use that still meets all my design requirements. This year I found it.
It is the reusable tote from Mimot Studio, designed by Thomas Im. It is made of Tyvek (yes building people, the stuff they wrap houses in) with nylon handles. It still folds up, just not as small as Baggu. It is super strong, still really light, not as washable, but when you need a big bag with structure this really does the job. It comes in some nice color combos. I have the brown with white handles. They also have a recycling program. And again the con, they are made in China. Mimot Studio bag is $10.00 at mimotstudio.com.

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