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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Introducing Food Editor, Katheryne Phillips

Meet Katheryne Phillips...

a private chef and owner of Katheryne Cooks. She is our food editor, and director of the kids programs we host through A Sustainable Kitchen. Constantly inspired by the bounty of fresh, local, and sustainable ingredients available here in So-cal Katheryne creates farm to table dishes for her clientele and shares her recipes on her own blog Katheryne Cooks. Join her here on our blog as she discovers some of the culinary treasures her community has to reveal. 

It's In The Bag, Katheryne's Choice

I have to be completely honest about this, I usually don’t buy recyclable grocery bags at all. In fact most of the bags that I do use were freebies. Either they came free as a shoe bag, or with another purchase of some sort.  But I can say that if I were to purchase one it would definitely be one of these super cute “Love This Planet” reusable totes by Lisa Lejia’s local Venice Based company “Get hip get green”.  With the clever eco-chic catch phrases and brightly colored letters the style of these totes is right on point. 

Love this Planet bags are so stinking cute that I would use mine at the beach, gym and farmers markets instead of a purse.  Plus I would feel good buying one of these bags even though I already over 100 that were free because a percentage of each sale is donated to the children's environmental group, The Green Ambassadors. The Green Ambassadors provide high school students with experiences that foster personal growth, community service, cross-culture and global exchange and leadership skills to tackle the most critical environmental issues facing our planet.

I couldn’t find any information on the website about where the bags are made, however I did see a review on another site noting the bags are made in China. That may be the only aspect of these adorable trendy totes that I’m not a fan of.  

To get your own check out Lisa’s websites:

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