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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Words from the Weiser

I had the pleasure of interviewing Alex Weiser in preparation for the Chili Roasting Demo being held this Saturday. Register here- it's free !

How did you get involved in sustainability?
It’s the right way to farm. It's the long-term approach. That’s all we know, it’s the right way. My passion has grown since my parents retired. They started more artisan crops and I'm carrying that forward. We have a legacy of locality, workers' children grow and stay and join the farm. Preserving resources for future generations is second nature for us, and the right way to be a good steward of the land. Food tastes better grown that way.

What is your favorite everyday sustainable living strategy?
Eating local and seasonally and knowing where my food comes from. It’s easy for me to do ! We’ve switched our watering to drip systems- we don’t flood and we irrigate at night.

What brought you to Tehachapi? How does the local food movement affect your community?
Tehachapi is our home base, a city in the mountains, in the valley and rather isolated. The food that is eaten here is grown local and close to Bakersfield. A great example of local food, there are farms, wind power, and it’s the land of four seasons. Small farms feature local grass fed beef and niche crops. They are surviving despite the economy.

Who is your Sustainable Superhero (who inspires you)?
Phil McGrath, fellow farmer and friend and mentor. He has turned his tractor over to biodeisel. He’s a good guy and generous with his time and helping other farmers. McGrath Family Farms- 5 generations.

What will you be doing in 5 years?
The same thing. Even if I win the lottery I will be farming more (and fun) things. I like living off the land, I'll be growing and producing with 5 more years of experience and knowledge.

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