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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Great Photos From The Chili Demo

Here are some awesome photos to hold you over. They are from the 'FIRE-IT-UP' CHILI-FEST with Alex Weiser we did in the Test Kitchen at Surfas Restaurant Supply and Gourmet Food. Can we say a "Hot" time was had by all?

Some of the raw material we had to work with. All shapes and temperatures, including Bishop's Caps (hot), all from Weiser Family Farms.

Candied Bishop's Caps, pretty but hot! One attendee did require milk.

"Putting-up" some of the fire roasted chilies.

Annette and Katheryne having a silly moment.

The Results! A warm salad of pan seared duck breast, farro with carrots poached in chipotle honey, fire roasted chilies, dried Persian mulberries, and sweet red onion, topped with a quick pickle of sweet peppers and a mulberry dressing.
All the produce is from Weiser Family Farms, everything else is from Surfas.

And for dessert...cinnamon gelato with Weiser late season peaches topped with chili caramel sauce and toasted chili threads.

We also had a great smoked cheddar top with chipolte infused honey and a cocktail made from a heavy simple syrup infused with Bishop's Cap chilies, lime, white port, topped with tonic and garnished with the candied chilies shown above.
Both were curated by David Rozansky, Surfas' amazing cheese monger. Thanks David!
We bet after seeing this, you wish you had been there!

(note: we want to thank Nick and Katheryne for the photos!)

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