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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Farmers Market Frittata Recipe

From our food editor, Katheryne Phillips.

This week at the Santa Monica farmers market it seemed there was a pepper party! 
The Weiser Family Farms had tables covered with piles of peppers.  There were so many colors and sizes, some I had never seen before. As I walk up to their table my eyes get lost in a sea of awesome bright colors. With so many types, from so many places, how could I pick just one…or even two? I couldn’t, so I left the Weiser Farms table with three bags full of fresh, locally grown handpicked peppers. 
After my peppery frenzy, I grabbed my other produce goodies, and headed home to create breakfast. I needed to throw something together quick, but I really wanted to use all of the fresh veggies that I had just bought. I decided on a tomato pepper frittata with shredded arugula.
This is how I threw it together

Farmers Market Frittata
5 organic large eggs
½ cup shredded Colby-jack cheese
2 tablespoons of organic ½ and ½ (because that’s what I had, but heavy cream will also work)
1 small sweet purple pepper
1 small sweet yellow
1 red shishito pepper (Weiser Family Farms)
1 small sweet onion (Weiser Family Farms)
1 small handful of wild arugula leaves (The best arugula I’ve ever tasted is from Flora Bella Farms, that’s what I used in this dish)
1 maglia rosa tomato (Milliken Farms)
¼ teaspoon garlic powder
¼ teaspoon Spanish paprika powder
Pinch salt
Fresh cracked pepper
8 in Glass Pie baking dish (greased)

Pre-heat your oven to 350F.
Slice your tomato into nine slices. Shred your arugula.
Chop and seed all of your peppers, then chop your onion as well. Next, in a small pan sauté your onions and peppers until they are soft then set them aside for later.
In a large bowl whip your five eggs with a whisk. The more you whip your eggs, the fluffier the frittata will be, so whisk, whisk, whisk! Add in your cream or ½ and ½ and keep whipping. Whip for at least two minutes then add in your cooked peppers, onions, shredded cheese, arugula and spices. Give it a couple more stirs and then pour the entire egg mix into the greased pie dish.
Pop your frittata into the oven and bake at 350F for 10 minutes. After ten minutes, pull the frittata out of the oven, and make a tomato border around the edge of your pie with eight tomatoes. Then place the ninth tomato slice right in the middle of the frittata. Put the frittata back into the oven for two-four more minutes then remove and allow the pie to cool and set. Cut into eight slices and serve with salsa or sour cream. I had mine with twice cooked potatoes, herbs from my Humble Seed garden, and a creamy piquillo pepper puree.
This is a recipe from Katheryne Cooks 

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