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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Profile: Red Bread

Who is the Founder of Red Bread?

My name is Rose Lawrence.  I am the founder and fermenter behind Red Bread. Previously I worked for international human rights law firms, education based NGOs, the U.S. Department of State, an architecture firm, and traveled the world performing as an actor. I have always been captivated by food and its significance in community and culture. I am committed to understanding the science, art, and magic of real food treated with care. I am a passionate baker, Master Food Preserver, Juris Doctor and am actively involved with food justice issues.

What is Red Bread?

Along with my husband we run Red Bread a Slow Food eGrocer.  Red Bread was launched in January of 2012 to bring whole, locally sourced, natural and artisanal food to the westside of Los Angeles. Wild Yeasted Sourdough breads and pastries were our first offering and remain at the heart of the eGrocer. We believe that bread should be nutritional and delicious. All it requires is good ingredients, care and time. We extend that belief to all our foods, constantly striving to bring the fields to your door.  Currently, you can pick up Red Bread at the SMFM on Wednesdays from 8am-1pm or have it delivered to your door on Sunday.  We will be opening a market/cafe at 13322 Washington Blvd 90066 in late spring, serving Breakfast, Lunch and Tea.

How does sustainability tie in with Red Bread?

In founding Red Bread, sustainability and our environmental impact at all levels was important to us. We begin with ingredients sourced from farmers utilizing organic practices and a high level of care for the food they produce. In our kitchen, we strive for zero waste; using every available part of an ingredient, preserving and fermenting our own pantry and vermicomposting whatever remains into our garden. The food crafted in our kitchen arrives at your door in compostable and recyclable packaging on one of our electric cargo bikes. Delivering by electric bike ensures Red Bread has a low carbon food print. Purveyors we feature in the eGrocer share many of the same values.  Additionally, 5% of all sales are donated to the LA Food Bank.

We believe all of these commitments, to our customers, to our food, to our packaging are necessary.  It is of the utmost importance that we understand and begin to think in systems.  Knowing our place in relation to the greater whole, our community, and acting always to add value ensures true sustainability.

What are the challenges ? 

It can be difficult when you are first starting out to locate all the purveyors you may need to stick to your values however, they are out there.  More of a challenge has been the perception that sustainability is a passing trend or marketing gimmick.  Always hoping to educate, we find ourselves talking with the public to enlighten as to why sustainable is not only admirable but the only real option we have in light of the growing burden on the farmer and the population boom.  This is specific to the food industry, but it is a new mindset we must adopt for the future in all endeavors.

Who inspires you? Do you have a sustainable super hero?

Johnny Appleseed for his generosity towards others and his conservationist efforts, for the land and animals.  The American Legend feels about apples much the same as we feel about bread, their worth goes far beyond sustenance.  Sandor Katz is my contemporary hero and an endless inspiration for preservation and sustainability in the kitchen.

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