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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Seafood Watch App

Ever get brain freeze at the fish counter? 
Which is more sustainable? Fresh or frozen? Farmed or wild-caught?

To make it simple, the Monterey Bay Aquarium's free app available for Apple and Google can help answer your questions whether you are at the store or at one of your favorite restaurants.


  • Provides free, up-to-date recommendations at your fingertips with detailed seafood information
  • Uses your phone’s GPS to load the right regional guide for your location
  • Enables you to search for seafood quickly and easily by common market name
  • Allows you to sort seafood by "Best Choice," "Good Alternative" or "Avoid" rankings
  • Sushi guide lists fish by Japanese name as well as common market name
  • Provides alternatives to seafood on the “Avoid” list
  • New Project FishMap feature lets you contribute to the app by adding the names of restaurants and stores where you've found ocean-friendly seafood and locate businesses where others have found sustainable seafood
  • Highlights the list of “Super Green” seafood that’s good for you and the oceans

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